Medical Marijuana Module

Podcasts from the Florida Psychiatric Society and

the Palm Beach County Medical Society.


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Note -- The content of the following interviews is not necessarily the opinion of the

hosts or of the hosting organizations. These interviews are provided to foster

thoughts from all camps about marijuana use in all its forms and purposes of use, and the listener

is strongly advised to carefully consider the standing of the guests’ opinions and positions.

Legally using marijuana depends on varying local, federal, and state rules and procedures,

and its consumption has physiological and psychological effects that need to be understood

before use is initiated.


From the Florida Psychiatric Society   The Experts Speak

David Gross. M.D., (2009) on an overview of marijuana.  Listen

David Gross, M.D., (2014) on his concerns with medical marijuana.  Listen

Kimber Richter, Ph.D., and Sharon Levy, M.D., big marijuana: a repeat of tobacco health issues? Listen

Edmund Silins, Ph.D. After effects of adolescent marijuana use. Listen

From the Palm Beach County Medical Society   The PBCMS Podcast Series

Bernd Wollschlaeger, M.D., (2014) on his concerns with medical marijuana. Listen

Jeff Cohen, Esq., (2014) on his concerns regarding the legal aspects of medical marijuana. Listen

Anne Morgan, M.D., (2014) – why she is in favor of medical marijuana. Listen

Jeffrey Kamlit, M.D., (2014) – his opinions on why and how to use medical marijuana.  Listen

Ray McKnight, M.D., (2014) – his opinions and approach to medical marijuana. Listen


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