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This is an educational service of the Florida Psychiatric Society podcast series “The Experts Speak.”  Information may have changed since it was recorded. Make no clinical changes without first talking to a qualified health care provider. The opinions are those of the guests and may not reflect those of the Florida Psychiatric Society. The below is informational with the goal of increasing awareness and generating questions.  More on this topic to come…and thank you.

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Let’s begin with these podcasts….

·        Sustainable Water Supplies. In the 1950s a weekly newsreel was produced by the National Association of Manufacturers; it was known as Industry on Parade. One episode looked at water purity and supply issues. These social concerns are even more so today. The United Nations, amongst other organizations, devote posts to sustainable water supplies. It’s fascinating and educational to listen to an episode on sustainable water supplies from the 1950s. October 2019. Listen

·        Urgent Public Health Concerns Regarding Climate Change’s Effects on Mental and General Health. David Pollack, M.D., speaks to timely issues that include the CAARE program, the critical need to further train health care providers and others, of the climate change first responders, the ‘once you know’ concept, his genuine belief that much can be done to prepare for the changes, etc. October 2019 Listen

·        Urgent Public Health Concerns Regarding Climate Change’s Effects on Mental and General Health. David Pollack, M.D., speaks to timely issues that include the CAARE program, the critical need to further train health care providers and others, of the climate change first responders, the ‘once you know’ concept, his genuine belief that much can be done to prepare for the changes, etc. October 2019 Listen

·        The Green Doctor’s Office. Todd Sach, M.D., discusses the ‘My Green Doctor’ program. Supported by many medical organizations, it brings a critical sustainability education format for better health for patient and staff. It often saves money for medical offices, and that medical offices are community role models. September 2019. Listen

·        Climate Change Induced Anxiety. Janet Lewis, M.D., speaks to what is also being called ‘eco-anxiety’, about the emerging fears and anxieties stemming from climate changes, when people are overwhelmed by the rush of complex political and scientific declarations, of the need to discuss strategies to help adults and children deal with what they read and hear, the role of hope and advocacy, and so on. September 2019  Listen

·        Air Pollution: It's Impact On Mental Health.  Elizabeth Haase, M.D., defines air pollution, that the WHO ranks it as a crisis, and that the inhaled particles cause various psychiatric and medical diseases in our bodies. She also speaks to the importance of, and how to discuss air pollution, even with children. August 2019  Listen

·        Psychiatric Concerns: Heat Waves And  Behavior. Robin Cooper, MD., describes growing research and concerns that heat waves do indeed alter behavior, including increased suicide and other violence, productivity, medical concerns and the need for proper hydration and cooling, education, interventions, etc. August 2019  Listen

·        Fewer Bees And The Food Chain -- Maureen McCue, M.D., from Iowa, explains these concerns, and how by prioritizing our needs for food and a lifestyle, and of land devoted to economics rather than nutrient values, we have jeopardized the balance and sustainability of the food chain. This is considered an epic and impending danger, and as a possible extinction event, to our public health and survivability. May 2019  Listen

·        Health And Social Impact Realities Of Nuclear Accidents  and Weapons. Peter Wilk, M.D., a psychiatrist, gives a history and updates on the known public health hazards of nuclear accidents and weapons. He believes the weapons provide more psychological insecurity than security, and he provides approaches and links to reduce the ruinous and unapologetic biosocial blows of both nuclear weapon use and when unintended problems occur with other nuclear devices.  May 2019  Listen

·        Climate Changes: How They Impact Mental Health – Susan Clayton, Ph.D., from the University of Wooster, discusses the known and anticipated impacts that climate change have on our mental health. She suggests ways to prepare without panic, and to some of the emotional obstacles seen as people prepare for the gamut of  lifestyle and community changes that are of real concern.  April 2019 Listen

·        Heat and The Melting Ice – History, Impacts and What To Do About It -- Alan Lockwood, M.D., addresses the history of, and current pressing scientific concerns, regarding global warming. Included are the growing political, social, physical and psychological (i.e., stress and insecurity) impacts of major changes in fresh water supplies, methane releases, heat, etc. February 2019  Listen

·        Our Health Changes With Climate Changes – Lynn Ringenberg, M.D., Professor Emeritus at the University of South Florida, expresses her crisis but not panic level of concerns regarding how climate warming and other changes impact our physical and emotional health. February 2019  Listen

·        As The Sea Level Rises – Roderick King, M.D., from the Florida Institute of Health Innovation and an Associate Professor, Dept. of Public Health Sciences, University of Miami School of Medicine, steadily details the challenges, and how the world must coordinate efforts to offset and adapt to changes in society, the geography of some of our communities, medical issues, weather changes, etc., in response to global climate change. January 2016. Listen

·        Sustainability Challenges – Cultural, Economic, and  Environmental Natalie Schneider, Climate Change and Sustainability Coordinator for Palm Beach County (Florida), outlines the necessary concepts and challenges to maintain sustainability, how to grow in a manner that allows future generations to have available resources, how people adapt to these demands, etc. October 2015 Listen

·        Sugar Cane Burning – The Downwind Health Effects.  Julia Hathaway, from the Sierra Club, describes the concerns about the health effects of large scale sugar cane burning, and why and how other countries use green harvesting instead. October 2015   Listen

·        Pesticides and Our Health – Jeannie Economos explains the serious health concerns regarding pesticide exposure, including effects on human development, fertility, and disease, the need for medical attention to occupational exposure, endocrine disruption, informational links, and the Lake Apopka story. (Co-posted with Palm Beach County Medical Society) August 2015 Listen

·        Oil Spill – The Known and Unknown  Health Effects. Gina Solomon M.D., speaks to the known health effects of exposure to crude oil, such as following the continuing April 20, 2010 leak in the Gulf of Mexico. She discusses her concerns and worries about the legacy of the exposure on human and wildlife. Included is an overview of the nature of crude oil. Dr. Solomon is a scientist with the Natural Resources Defense Council and is on staff at the University of California - San Francisco, Dept. of Occupational and Environmental Health. May 2010 Listen

·        Oil Spill -- Known and Unknown Environmental Effects. Leonard Berry, Ph.D., director of the Florida Center for Environmental Studies at FAU, speaks to effects on the food chain, marine life, plants, dispersants, how hurricanes may blow the oil, etc. May 2010. Listen

·        Oil Spill -- The Concepts of Community Collective Grief. Dan Randle, Ed.D., explains how such a disaster impacts the mental health of a community. June 2010 Listen

·        The Health Effects of Radiation: Issues Reappearing After Fukushima. Jimmy Hara M.D., from UCLA, discusses how radiation spreads, the nature of radiation, how it effects our health, etc. These issues stem from the recent Fukushima incident. March 2011.  Listen

·        Fetal Development in the Polluted Environment. Susan Buchanan, M.D. MPH, describes the pre-natal development concerns with lead and mercury exposure. She outlines precautions, fish consumption in pregnancy, pesticides, and the impact on endocrine disruptors on current living systems and across generations. She is an assistant professor of Occupational and Environmental Medicine at the University of Illinois. April 2012. Listen


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